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Have you ever wondered why you ended up on the path you are on today? All of the twists and turns, doors opening and doors closing, shaking hands with someone who you knew nothing about yesterday, but who influences your life from that point on... as an artist we have all had these experiences.

Each experience influences and while at that moment it may seem not so mysterious, upon reflection you realize that some of your creations were shaped by fleeting and sometimes not so fleeting moments. What you see on this website is an accumulation of my experiences and fortune of having traveled down many roads to bring these creations to life.

My love is in textiles of all kinds. I have been a quilter for decades, and started by making traditional nine-patch quilts with my grandmother in Ohio, then she taught me appliqué. I have spread my wings over the years and find that I love making all types of quilts. I have a very large collection of feedsack cloth that I have yet to cut, plus all of the other fabric that I have collected on my travels to various quilts shops all over the country. I also love to visit thrift and antique shops to cull through all of the treasures for remnants of the past.

Then of course there is embroidery. My mother taught me and she was a master at this beautiful art. Those lessons could be down right frustrating since I am right-handed and she was left-handed! Have you ever tried learning to make a French knot from someone who is teaching you in the opposite way in which your hands work --when you are only eight years old? Thankfully, she had plenty of patience and I loved those moments spent with her.

Not all of my life has been spent focused on arts and crafts I have worked in the cable tv industry, at a quilt shop, for a major world-wide delivery company, a telecommunications dot-com, an attorney, and now have my own full-time business that I manage. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in human resources, business, and marketing.

Thanks for stopping by and if you want to see what is going on currently in my crazy world...visit my blog, leave a comment and say hi! If you also have a blog...I promise to come and visit!

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